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Shunyata Research tudi v Sloveniji

24.05.2013 - Napisal: trancedeejay

INTEK, d.o.o.
, hi-fi, hi –end & music distribution poleg izjemega nabora reprezentativnih avdio in video znamk predstavlja slovenskemu in hrvaškemu trgu SHUNYATA RESEARCH.


Od leta 1998 je podjetje Shunyata Research priznano kot najboljši svetovni proizvajalec električnih signalnih kablov in distribucijskih sistemov za snemanje, mastering in domačo zabavno industrije. Ustanovitelj podjetja in nekdanji ameriški vojaški znanstvenik Caelin Gabriel je razvil številne patentirane tehnologije za ustvarjanje izdelkov, ki so pridobili izjemno pozitivne kritike in strokovno pohvalo po vsem svetu. Izdelki Shunyata Research so zasnovani in proizvedeni v svoji tovarni v Poulsbo, WA, USA.

Shunyata Research izdelki so bili vedno med najbolj priljubljenimi  pri The Absolute Sound kar letošnje Editor's Choice Awards potrjujejo. Skupaj devet (9) TAS nagrad je bilo podeljeno Shunyata Research izdelkom: ΞTRON Anaconda zvočniškem kablu, Venom-3, Cobra, Python i Anaconda električnim kablom, ter Hydra Triton, Hydra Typhon i Hydra Talos električnim filtrom.

Revolucionarna ΞTRON tehnologija uporabljena v konstrukciji električnih kablov predstavlja rešitev, ki znatno izboljša prenos signalov skozi vodnik tako, da odpravi ali izredno zmanjša dielektrično polarizacijo. ΞTRON serija električnih kablov je sestavljena iz vstopnega modela VIPER (1,75m že od EUR 890,00), preko COBRA, PYTHON in ANAKONDA (1,75m za EUR 3.590,00).




Izjave proizvajalcev avdio elektronike

Audio Research conducted exhaustive comparative evaluations with Shunyata products in 2005. They continue to use a broad combination of Shunyata Research power and signal products as references within their top performing test, exhibit and studio systems.

Audio Research Corporation

The principle partners recommend Shunyata Research products to dealers and customers alike world wide.

Balanced Audio Technology

Recommends Shunyata Research products to customers and dealers.

Bel Canto Design

"I'm so impressed with the results that I would like to order your Hydra Model-8 straight away for my own use which will feed my whole HT ensemble."

-- Dominic Baker, Chief Engineer: Focal/JMLab

Ken Forsythe and the principles of Meridian-America determined that Shunyata Research products profoundly improved the performance of their reference and test systems.


VTL Audio endorses the use of Shunyata Research products with their electronics systems.

VTL Audio

Wilson Audio recommends Shunyata products to dealers, distributors and customers without qualification and has become a close industry partner.

Wilson Audio

Izjave profesionalcev v glasbeni industriji

"All of us associated with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are extremely pleased with the results gained from using the Shunyata Research Hydra and power cords in our reference recording studios."

-- Peter Poltun, Manager: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra CLICK FOR

"The Anaconda PowerSnakes, have transformed our Sonoma system, used during the mastering process for the new 5.1 SACD mix of 'The Dark Side of The Moon'."

-- James Guthrie, Grammy award winning Producer/Engineer (Pink Floyd)

"We now use the Hydra's on our Model 2 converters, AES router and main monitor system consisting of B&W 802 speakers and Chord Amps."

-- Clayton Wood, Senior Engineer: SkyWalker Sound

"I could not recommend Shunyata Research products highly enough."

-- Rick Rubin, Five-time Grammy nominated Record Producer

"With digital sources it was almost as if we had switched from 44.1k/16 bit to96k/24 bit. We now run all our analogue machines, workstations and the mixing console from the Shunyata equipment."

-- Andy Jackson, Senior Mastering Engineer: Astoria Studio UK
"I would highly recommend Shunyata Research products to any professional audio/video facility."

-- Vlado Meller, Senior Mastering Engineer: Sony Music Studios, New York

"I can honestly say that Shunyata Power Systems do contribute to a more solid, focused and accurate sonic picture."

-- Tom Jung, President: Digital Music Products Inc.

"Shunyata Research's power distribution products have provided me with an extremely clean and transparent foundation by which I can check test pressings with full confidence."

-- Steven Epstein, Producer, 12 time Grammy winner

"I've run out of words to describe the profound effect Shunyata Research products have had on the SACD experience in our studio."

-- Jon Truckenmiller, Sr. VP Engineering: Crest National Studios

"Overall I think that Shunyata products are an integral part of taking the critical listening system to the next level."

-- Brett Allen, Studio Manager: Look Out Sound Studios

"I no longer have to reach for my equalizers to find space for the details that I now have in spades. Lower noise levels let me get deeper into a mix without sacrificing power to my equipment. No anemic sounds here! Just music that always sounds right. I want to re-master my whole discography now!"

-- Phil Demetro, Mastering Engineer: The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

"...the system now produces an audio hologram that much more closely approximates a live performance. Thanks for your recommendation of this excellent product."

-- Doug Munch, New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra

"The Shunyata products are the most effective AC products I've had in my system."

-- Robert Harley, Editor-In-Chief, The Absolute Sound Magazine "Fine layers of haze and noise vaporized with the Shunyata's feeding my components."

-- Paul Bolin, Contributing Editor: Stereophile Magazine

"The Hydra Model-8 is an amazing product!"

-- Michael Fremer, Senior Contributing Editor: Stereophile Magazine

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