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Blumenhofer Tempesta 17
Oglaševalec:Tafos d.o.o. audio & multimediaTip izdelka:Zvočniki
Lokacija:Gažon 36/a, 6274 Šmarje pri KopruTip oglasa:Novo
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Blumenhofer Tempesta 17

Cena: 4.250 €

The Tempesta 17 is our complete proficiency entry level: it is able to convince both for music reproduction and cinema experience.

The Membran of the woofer is a new P2C® Sandwich-Membran consisting of 2 Peek® (Victrex) sheets with carbon inlay. Its characteristic is high stiffness and no resonances in the application spectrum.

The compression driver is improved trough a special Blumenhofer treatment. This treatment combined with the wooden horn front is one of the secrets of the natural sound of the Blumenhofers. Extraordinary natural and clear sound

Technical data:

Material: MDF

Frequency range: 45Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB

Dedicated chamber for the cross-over: Yes

Bass Cabinet: Bass reflex/Divergent

Porting; Floor

Woofer: 170mm / 6,5" Peek-Carbon P2C® Sandwich

Cross over frequency: 1800 Hz

Midhigh: Compression driver

Horn Throat: 1"

Membrane dimensions: 35mm / 1,4" Mylar

Max power input (RMS): 100 W RMS

Efficiency: 88 dB

Impedance: 8 Ohm

Terminal: Single Wiring - Gold plated tellurium copper

Feets: Adjustable Spikes

Weight: 16 kg

Dimensions: 950 x 270 x 248 mm


Blumenhofer Tempesta 17

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Vpis ponudbe:29.10.2023
Konec ponudbe:29.12.2023
Garancija:10 let

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