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Cammino H3:1 MK lll
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Cammino H3:1 MK lll

Cena: 4.900 €

The H 3.1 Power Harmonizer

Music reproduction needs of 2 signals, one constant and one modulated.
It is clear that the modulated signal is the one coming from the source, let it be a turntable, a CD player, a streamer or whatever.
The other signal is electricity. Not less important but most neglected because considered as a given one. But it is fed in each single component of the HiFi chain.
Then, if we have the chance to improve the electricity, we do have the chance to improve the output of each single component of the HiFi chain.
Protects Your Hi-Fi chain from voltage spikes and power surges.
Stabilizes the current.
Eliminates the interferences from industrial and home equipment.
Keeps the harmonic richness of the music signal.
Dramatically improves the performances of Your audio and video equipment.
Boosts the emotion of music.
It delivers You the emotion of live music: the whole equipment disappears in the room.
The line of power harmonizers focuses on the electricity: finds cute ways to improve it.


  • Total continuous power up to 10A (2200W @220V)
  • Rhodium plated IEC Socket on back panel (10A)
  • 15A-2-pole switch with low resistance silver plated contacts
  • Phase check button
  • Fuse holder with low resistance silver contacts
  • Completely passive design
  • Power correction factor
  • THD - total harmonic distorsion absent
  • Common mode attenuation -65dB (Max) @100kHz
  • Differential mode attenuation -90dB (Max) @100kHz


  • Tuned cabinet
  • Special ceramic material
  • Non resonating
  • Non magnetic
  • Electrically non conductive material
  • Swinging feet to damp mechanical vibrations
  • Standard color black high gloss
  • Dimensions 290 x 145 x 215 mm (w x h x d) including feet - 11.4 x 5.7 x 8.5 in
  • Weight 5.2kg - 11.5 lbs

Analog Section:

  • tree high quality Schuko sockets
  • 8A (1750W @220V) continuous cumulative power
  • two ground lift switches with low resistance silver plated contacts
  • for toroidal transformers and power supplies

Digital Section:

  • one rhodium plated Schuko socket
  • 2A (440W @220V) continuous power
  • for switching power supply
  • for asynchronous motors
Cammino H3:1 MK lll

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Garancija:2 leti

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