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Cena: 7500 €

Integrated digital amplifier

  • Digital amplifier with 2x 400W
  • 3 unbalanced and 2 balanced analog inputs
  • 1 digital coaxial input
  • A / D conversion with 32Bit / 384kHz through WAP
  • Upsampling to 32Bit / 1,5MHz
  • Symmetrical signal processing
  • Highest resolution at all volumes

The gateway to a new digital sound world

Many music fans mistrust fully digital music playback systems - and in many cases certainly not without reason. The reason, however, does not lie in the possible inferiority of digital formats and technologies compared to analogue formats, but in the fact that the digitalization of music in its beginnings (CD, later MP3, etc.) was not designed for optimal sound, but for cost savings and data efficiency as well as easier usability. The Waversa Wamp 2.5 MK2 revolutionizes the history of digital audio playback. The Wamp 2.5 MK2 solves a number of previously apparently unsolvable problems that cannot be avoided even with an analog signal chain.

So if you flinch at the thought of "digital amplifiers", you should read on carefully. This expression, which is technically not quite correct for a classic Class D amplifier, is intended to clarify - based on the Wamp 2.5 MK2 - that it has completely digital signal processing in front of the actual Class D amplifier. The Wamp 2.5 MK2 converts all analog input signals into PCM format using a high-performance 32-bit A / D converter, and an FPGA-based (Field Programmable Gate Array, a programmable digital module) chip developed by WaversaSystems called WAP (Waversa Audio Processor) converts the PCM signals (including a number of other mathematical operations) into the PWM format.

WAP and WAP / X

Waversa understood that digital music largely ignores harmonics due to the limitation of its resolution compared to real music. WAP and WAP / X provide a remedy: WAP is an FPGA-based audio processor and interprets the digital signal to approximate it to an analog signal - real music. WAP / X as an extension for WAP then reconstructs the even harmonics of real music (up to the 32nd harmonic) that were lost during digital recording or digitization. This is how digital music sounds poignantly real, spatially diversified and natural.

Wamp 2.5 MK2 - the real digital

As a result, the Waversa Wamp 2.5 MK2 simply opens a new, real  digital  world. The detailed resolution of the sound image is as fine and detailed as if you were looking into the atomic spaces of music with a microscope. And this high resolution is by no means an artificial "act" on the part of the amplifier: it just sounds incredibly natural. The height of the sound stage extends through the ceiling and is extremely pure and clean through to the deepest depths. The Wamp 2.5 MK2 reproduces music precisely, finely and regardless of the volume without loss of resolution. The music plays full and full on a huge sound stage - even at midnight at a very low volume. This is real super high end.


Technology for good sound

Integrated digital amplifier in double mono construction

Class-D amplifier with PBTL *

High-precision 32-bit / 384 kHz A / D converter

WAP (Waversa Audio Processor) Type 2 with 1.5 MHz upsampler

2 fully balanced and 3 unbalanced analog inputs

1 digital coaxial input (44.1kHz)

8-stage LED brightness control

Technical specifications

Power: 200W per channel at 8 ohms, 400W per channel at 4 ohms

Dimensions (W x D x H): 440 x 330 x 145mm

Weight: 13kg

 * PBTL = Para Bridge-Tied Load. PBTL includes several small output amplifiers that are combined to form one amplifier. Configured in this way, it has an extremely low impedance and can even drive speakers with low efficiency. 


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