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Cena: 2750 €

Reference phono for everyone

With its reference phono preamplifiers Waversa MCH Phono and Waversa Wphono 3T, Waversa has created  absolute masterpieces of analog technology - not exactly cheap, but also absolutely unique in terms of effort and sound. Much of the knowledge and knowledge that Waversa gained during the development of the MCH Phono has now flowed into a much cheaper phono preamplifier with the genes of its models: the Waversa Wphono 1.

Like its big siblings, the Wphono 1 also offers a number of delicacies that you will certainly not find in this price range - because Waversa is also extremely innovative when it comes to phono. For example, there would be the option to adjust the RIAA equalization with regard to the  transition frequency from bass amplification to high-frequency attenuation and the roll-off in dB in five stages. This can further optimize the sound on different records, as the active equalization of the Wphono 1 is perfectly adapted to the different  RIAA "interpretations" of various record labels.

The  integrated headphone amplifier is certainly not an all too common feature of high-quality phono preamplifiers - and certainly not that it is built entirely with  discrete components. Not  in this price range either . In interaction with other technologies that have been developed from scratch, the highest quality components and an absolutely exemplary, extremely clean internal layout, the Waversa Wphono 1 can be confidently described as a real performance high-flyer.

Do something good for yourself and your pickup and let the Waversa Wphono 1 enchant and convince you!

Technology for good sound

Phono inputs: 1 pair of RCA / RCA sockets for MM and MC

Analog outputs: 1 pair of RCA / RCA sockets and 3-pin XLR sockets

Headphone connection: 1 jack socket 3.5mm and 6.3mm

Terminating capacitance and terminating resistor adjustable: terminating capacities / resistance: 20, 100, 220 and 330pF / 22, 33, 47 and 100kOhm (high-output MC, MI and MM pickups)

terminating resistors: 5, 15, 25 and  100 Ohm  (Low-output MC cartridge)

Gain:  40dB, 46dB (MM) and  71dB, 76dB (MC)

Deviation from the set RIAA equalization: maximum +/- 0.1dB between 20Hz and 20kHz

Active equalization via global feedback

Technical specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H): 340 x 230 x 45mm

Weight: 3.7kg 


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Garancija:2 leti

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