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Cena: 1950 €

Waversa WminiHPA MK2

Headphone amplifier with DAC and streamer

It quickly rises to the head

You will hardly believe your ears what sound the Waversa WminiHPA MK2 conjures from your headphones - despite its extremely compact form factor. The Waversa WminiHPA MK2 is probably the most advanced headphone amplifier with built-in D / A converter and streaming that you can buy for money and good words. After all, he owns the only DAC with a WAP processor (Waversa Systems Audio Processor) currently available in a headphone amplifier and independent 44.1kHz and 48kHz clocks.

And it never lets you down: it understands digital data up to 24Bit / 384kHz and processes native DSD. So you are prepared for any eventuality. In addition, it does something inside and out: It has a housing that has been milled from solid aluminum and a SABER E9018k converter chip. The fully balanced signal processing means that with your Waversa WminiHPA MK2 you get a damn strong output stage and no noise in the signal.

Of course, the Waversa WminiHPA MK2 works as a streaming player with the dedicated and audio-optimized transmission protocol "Waversa Network Direct Rendering". WNDR devices automatically recognize and connect to the network. They send and receive audio data with extremely low latency. In this way, WNDR significantly reduces interference in the network and has a positive effect on the sound during audio streaming. Thanks to its integrated DLNA media server, the WminiHPA MK2 can also provide external USB storage as a NAS via the USB port.

WAP and WAP / X

Waversa understood that digital music largely ignores harmonics due to the limitation of its resolution compared to real music. WAP and WAP / X provide a remedy: WAP is an FPGA-based audio processor and interprets the digital signal to approximate it to an analog signal - real music. WAP / X as an extension for WAP then reconstructs the even harmonics of real music (up to the 32nd harmonic) that were lost during digital recording or digitization. This is how digital music sounds poignantly real, spatially diversified and natural.


Technology for good sound

1 GHz TI OMAP processor (ARM CORTEX-A8)

Operating system: Linux 3.2

DA converter: ES9018K2M

USB chipset: Ultra Low Power USB Audio Class 2.0 with high-precision clock

FPGA-based Waversa audio processor (WAP)

Headphone outputs: balanced 2.5mm, unbalanced 3.5mm and 6.3mm

MEMS dual clock module (44.1kHz / 48kHz)

Digital input: USB-A / B, coaxial, optical, Ethernet (DLNA)

Supported sampling rates:

Coaxial and optical up to 96kHz
USB / NET: PCM 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384kHz
USB / NET: DSD64, DSD128 (DoP), DSD256 (Native DSD)

NAS function with external USB storage thanks to the built-in DLNA media server

DLNA, Roon, AirPlay, MQA, WNDR

Technical specifications

Output power:

XLR 5,600mW (32Ω), 1.4A
RCA 2,800mW (32Ω), 0.7A

Power consumption: approx.12W

Dimensions (W x D x H): 180 x 150 x 37mm (spikes + 7mm)

Weight: 2kg

Volume-controlled analog outputs

Balanced 2.5mm headphone output

One 3.5 mm and one 6.3 mm headphone output

Roon Ready, DLNA, AirPlay, MQA, WNDR

Streaming over LAN

NAS function with USB storage

WAP (Waversa Audio Processor)




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