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The latest stroke of genius from Waversa Systems in Korea. If you haven't heard it, you won't believe it: the elegant all-in-one weighs less than five kilograms and is only 300 x 220 x 20mm small, and yet the Waversa Wslim LITE delivers a large and deep sound stage with impressive precision . He supports DLNA, ROON, WNDR, AirPlay and lossless Bluetooth ®  with aptX ® . It has two USB ports and one coaxial and one optical digital input. There is even an FM radio on board. 

Fully digital signal processing

The Waversa Wslim LITE is a fully digital receiver with a PPBTL amplifier (see next section). If you flinch at the thought of "digital amplifiers", you should read on particularly carefully. The expression, which is technically not quite correct for a classic Class D amplifier, should - in relation to the Wslim LITE - clarify that its signal processing is completely digital before the actual Class D amplifier. The analog signals of the FM tuner are also digitized in high resolution (24 bit / 384 kHz). An FPGA-based (Field Programmable Gate Array, a programmable digital module),

PPBTL amplifier (Para-Para-Bridge-Tied Load)

Waversa amplifiers have an extremely low output impedance. They are optimized for extremely stable power output even in low loads, since only this guarantees the best sound quality under all conditions. Depending on the power supply used, extremely high, stable performance is possible. This special configuration means that the nominal power ratings in higher loads (4 and 8 ohms) turn out to be quite moderate on paper - but the traditional power rating in 4 or 8 ohms becomes obsolete due to Waversa's innovative output stage. The user can (in future models) select the power output via the menu and thus achieve the optimal sound performance for the speakers used. 

The output stage of the Wslim LITE consists of a parallel structure of eight alternating normal and inverse-phase output amplifier modules per channel. In this way, the gain factor in each of the individual output amplifiers can be reduced, as a result of which conventional artifacts (“hard”, less sensitive sound in bridge mode) resulting from (too) high gain factors are reduced many times over. The output impedance is also very low.

WAP (Waversa Audio Processor)

Waversa understood that digital music largely ignores harmonics due to the limitation of its resolution compared to real music. WAP and WAP / X provide a remedy: WAP is an FPGA-based audio processor and interprets the digital signal to approximate it to an analog signal - real music. WAP / X as an extension for WAP then reconstructs the even harmonics of real music (up to the 32nd harmonic) that were lost during digital recording or digitization. This is how digital music sounds poignantly real, spatially diversified and natural.

WNDR (Waversa Network Direct Rendering)

A major problem with streaming networks that use DLNA is that the standard does not actually consider continuous audio streaming at all. DLNA is just a standard for packet-based data transmission, which enables multitasking Ethernet switches to function seamlessly and with constant accuracy. With this transmission method, (white) noise is generated during the packet buffering process, which has a very negative effect on the sound of audio signals. WNDR is a proprietary and dedicated audio transmission protocol developed by Waversa to solve this problem. It minimizes latencies (delays) in the communication of the devices connected in the network and ensures excellent noise immunity. In addition, with WNDR, no conversion process between the protocols is required, which effectively eliminates another source of error and thus improves the sound quality. And last but not least, devices connected to each other via WNDR can use their WAP processors (see above) even better because they are coordinated with each other.


Technology for good sound

Fully digital signal processing

Roon Ready, AirPlay, DLNA, WNDR 

Bluetooth ®  with aptX ® support

USB Type-B port: PCM up to 24Bit / 384kHz

Coaxial digital input: up to 24Bit / 192kHz

Optical digital input: up to 24Bit / 96kHz

FM tuner reception range: 88 - 108MHz

Technical specifications

Amplifier power: 2x 40W @ 4 ohms

Dimensions (W x D x H): 300 x 220 x 20mm (including connections)

Weight: 4kg


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