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Trafomatic Audio Head Two
Oglaševalec:Tafos d.o.o. audio & multimediaTip izdelka:Ojačevalnik za slušalke
Lokacija:Gažon 36/a, 6274 Šmarje pri KopruTip oglasa:Novo
Kontakt:tafosaudioafnagmail.comGarancija:2 leti

Trafomatic Audio Head Two

Cena: 2700 €

Trafomatic Audio Head Two, referenčni ojačevalec za slušalke in predojačevalec

The Head 2 is a Class-A Push Pull circuit design. This is the second headphone amplifier in Trafomatic Audio production coming after very sucefull model Experience Head One. 3dB of feedback and 100% tube amplification delivery 2W into 50 Ohms .It’s tubes have been hand-picked based on their long established reputations for sonic virtue.

The ‘overbuilt’ power supply features robust multi-stage high-voltage ltering, for superior low-frequency performance.

A proprietary output stage with II C core output transformers accommodates a wide range of headphone impedance from 25-600 Ohms.

The Head 2 drives many pairs of headphones with no sacrice to delity and with ease. This is the ideal amp for shared listening sessions. The Head 2 also working as great tube preamplier capable to drive all power amplier even with very low input impedance.

The Head 2 features uncompromising quality in build and design throughout.
A timeless design built to last a lifetime and deliver an unmatched sonic.

Trafomatic Audio Head Two

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Vpis ponudbe:28.08.2021
Konec ponudbe:28.10.2021
Garancija:2 leti

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Podjetje:Tafos d.o.o. audio & multimediaTafos d.o.o. audio & multimedia
Naslov:Gažon 36/a, 6274 Šmarje pri Kopru
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