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Trafomatic Ref. Line One
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Trafomatic Ref. Line One

Cena: 6.000 €

Reference Line One – Stereo tube line preamplifier

Our Reference Line One is the ideal complement to our 300B Reference or Kaivalyamonaural amplifiers and naturally another power amplifiers including any SS power amplifier. It’s full balanced push pull Class A design preamplifier and use II C core output transformers at the output and possibility to drive any power amplifier, allowing you to have the most choice possible.

Its sports four RCA inputs, two XLR inputs and one RCA and two XLR outputs. The new Reference Line One has also swift phase outputs switchable separately for each channel on the back side. Gain is 23 dB. The tube complement consists of a pair of 6N30P and a pair of ECC88 tubes .

The power supply is solid state design especially developed for use in Reference Line One. Noise/Signal ratio is 88dB and output impedance is 6 ohms at RCA outputs and 25 ohms at XLR .

Weight is 11kg and dimensions are 450 x 350 x 100mm.

Trafomatic Ref. Line One

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Garancija:2 leti

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