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Audiobyte Hydra ZPM digital
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Audiobyte Hydra ZPM digital

Cena: 585 €

Hydra ZPM - Ultra linear audio power supply

If one wants to fully squeeze the last drop of sound from the Hydra Z usb bridge, Hydra ZPM (Z Power Module) is the natural upgrade as external power supply. It’s main features are described below.


ULTRACAPACITOR POWER BANK The Hydra ZPM makes a step further, letting behind the Hydra X concept, which was battery powered. Instead, ZPM is using a ultracapacitor bank consisting of 2 x 310 Farads (1 Farad equals 1.000.000 uF) which will provide lower internal resistance and longer life and reliability, compared to a battery solution.

PROCESSOR CONTROLLED This charging of this huge capacitance is no trivial task, therefore is being done by specialized circuitry. Once capacitor bank is fully charged (it may take up to 4h first time!) , the output voltage will remain constant assuming that Hydra ZPM is left powered on.

LOW NOISE LINEAR The ZPM is designed entirely a linear design – meaning there is no switchmode technology inside. This way, all types of noise associated usually with the widespread non-linear power supplies is eliminated.

UPGRADABLE Aside the “digital” 5v output readily available, the Hydra ZPM can be equipped with a discrete ultralow noise analog regulators to provide symmetrical +/-12v.. +/-24 in order to supply analog devices.

Audiobyte Hydra ZPM digital

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