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Phono predojačevalec Fireston
Lokacija:SLOVENIATip oglasa:Prodam
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Phono predojačevalec Fireston

Cena: 285 €
Odličen, na baterije, možnost nastavitev gaina...



“The two systems in which I heard the Korora are very high-resolution systems that allowed me to hear everything that the Korora did right. It can give much of what a $2000-$3000 phono stage gives, at a fraction of the cost.
”Roger Gordon, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 23

Professional reviewers that have spent time with the KORORA are heaping loads of praise on this remarkable phono stage, comparing it to units costing many times more. While this acclaim is very much appreciated you have to know there's some serious science going on inside contributing to the exceptional sound.

The Korora is a battery powered phono pre-amplifier, equipped with built in recharge circuits and high performance Ni-MH batteries. It enjoys an extremely high S/N (close to -100db) performance when powered by the battery, which is the recommended method of use.

The Korora can be used with either moving magnet or low-output moving coil cartridges. It utilizes a whole new creative and innovative passive RIAA filter. Switches allow the selection of capacitive load, gain (51, 54, 58, and 69db), and resistive load (10 ohm, 43 ohm, 100ohm, 47Kohm and one free spot).

Input Resistance & Capacitance Matching Table:
1 2 3
220 pF 10 ohms 43 ohms
4 5 (default) 6
100 ohms 47 K ohms option
Gain Switch Table:
1 2 Gain
Off Off 51dB (default)
On Off 54dB
Off On 58dB
On On 69dB

Specifications and Features:

MM/MC phono amplifier, battery power extra low S/N -100dB
Passive RIAA equalization. DC amp uses no coupling capacitors
Front Panel: Power indictor
Rear Panel: Input (one set RCA),
Outputs (one set RCA)
Size:11cm/4.3in(L) X 8cm/3.2in(W) X 5cm/2.0in(H)
Weight 400g/14oz.
"Intelligent" power supply unit 100-240Vac 50/60 Hz auto switching (included)
Phono predojačevalec Fireston
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