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Zvezde CES 2015

27.01.2015 - Napisal: trancedeejay


Novi ATC SCM40A Prejeli 2015 What Hi-Fi ‘Stars of CES’ Nagrado

8th January 2015. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


ATC je na dogodku premierno publiki predstavil svoj novi, cenovno dostopen, kompakten 3-way, aktivni, Hi-Fi zvočnik.



ATC se ponovno izkaže z izgradnjo novega zvočnika SCM40A, ki je prejel vseh 5 zvezdic kakovosti in vse kaže, da je zvočnik prav tako zelo priljubljen med publiko, kot njegovi predhodniki. Vanj je vgrajen ATC-jev unikatni tri-amplifier pack, kar si že samo po sebi zasluži nagrade. V prodaji bodo v kratkem. Preberite si več na povezavi: ATC SCM40A


Nove AUDIOQUEST NIGHTHAWK Prejele 2015 What Hi-Fi ‘Stars of CES’ Nagrado

8th January 2015. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



"Liquid Wood", v prevodu "tekoči les" je nam nekaj neznanega, vendar obstaja. AudioQuest ga uporabi za izdelavo ušesnih čašic pri novih Nighthawk slušalkah. S pomočjo 3D tiskarske tehnologije so izdelali pol-odprto konfiguracijo teh edinstvenih slušalk.





Innovative Materials: Beautiful, Sustainable Liquid Wood
NightHawk’s earcups are made from a revolutionary new material known as “Liquid Wood”—actual wood that has been combined with reclaimed plant fiber, heated, liquefied, and processed in such a way that it can be injection molded. Compared to ordinary plastic or wood, however, Liquid Wood has far superior acoustic properties and provides a seemingly endless array of geometric possibilities. In NightHawk, we use Liquid Wood to shape our earcups to more closely resemble the human ear, thereby providing a more complete and comfortable fit, reducing stress on the listener’s head and ears. And, unlike typical plastic, Liquid Wood is environmentally friendly—more than merely beautiful to behold, it is also sustainable.



Ergonomics: Removing the Barriers between Listener and Music
Sensitive ergonomics in a headphone design remove unnecessary boundaries between the listener and his or her emotional involvement with the music. NightHawk’s flexible headband efficiently distributes the headphone’s weight, providing a feel that is both comfortable and comforting—you’ll want to wear NightHawk. Its simple yet intelligent, patent-pending suspension system allows the earcups to articulate freely, accommodating heads of nearly any shape or size, while effectively decoupling the earcups to counteract intrusive resonances. NightHawk’s earpads are made of soft, durable protein leather—again shaped to resemble the human ear—with greater thickness toward the rear of the pad, thus providing additional comfort while setting NightHawk’s drivers at an angle optimized for precise, stable imaging. Listen for hours—in comfort, immersed in music, moved by NightHawk.



The NightHawk Cable
NightHawk benefits from AudioQuest’s 30+ years of experience in the high-performance cable business, including a headphone cable purposefully designed to minimize distortion, promote intense user satisfaction, and provide a deep emotional connection to the music. It uses many of the same ingredients found in our speaker cables and interconnects, including high-purity Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ conductors, Foamed-Polyethylene insulation, Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation System (NDS), and silver-plated terminations. The cable’s exceptionally soft nylon braid minimizes mechanical noise and complements NightHawk’s quiet, confident beauty, while its 3.5mm plug has a 45° scooped shape designed to provide a satisfying feel as you make and unmake connections. In addition, we include a custom 3.5mm-to-1/4” headphone adaptor that, like our finest cable connectors, features thick Direct-Silver plating over the highest quality base metal, resulting in a part that isn’t merely functional, but also meets the standards set by NightHawk itself. Every bit of NightHawk was designed to exude quality, performance, innovation, and beauty.


Read more at NightHawk


Za dobavljivost in cene kontaktrirajte uradnega zastopnika: www.intek.si

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